How To Customize and Personalize Your Tallboy Chest of Drawers?

tallboy chest of drawers

Tallboy chest of drawers can be the perfect addition to your home if you want to manage your space optimally. The best thing about tallboy chest drawers is that they combine functionality with beauty. That’s not all! You also have the option to customize these drawers so that they can suit your taste and preference and complement your house in the best way possible. Since your home is your ultimate personal sanctuary, you will obviously want your tallboy chest of drawers to be unique to your needs and style.

Customization and personalization of the tallboy chest can give you the perfect opportunity to call your space your own. By customizing these drawers, you can unleash your creativity while ensuring that the storage needs are fulfilled. If you wish to customize your tallboy chest of drawers, you need to keep a few things in mind.

What To Keep in Mind When Choosing Tallboy Chest Drawers?

1. Assessing Your Needs and Preferences

  • Understanding your storage requirements

Prioritizing the storage requirements is a must if you wish to customize your pine tallboy chest of drawers effectively. As the primary purpose of these chest of drawers is to store things, they should serve the intended purpose. The dimensions should meet your storage requirements so that you can arrange things in an organized manner. In order to understand your storage needs perfectly you must know what you plan on storing such as clothes, or whatever you plan to store in them.

  • Identifying your personal style preferences

Once you are certain about your storage requirements, it is time to focus on the styling aspects. If you wish to add a unique touch to your large tallboy chest of drawers, you can fuse your styling ideas. You may think about the color, the finishing, the use of embellishments, or any other component that may enhance the appearance of your home. By incorporating your ideas, you can ensure that the item serves as the perfect staple in your home.

2. Choosing Customization Options

  • Selecting the right materials

When it comes to customizing your tallboy chest, you must identify ways of making customization. A basic thing to consider while customization is the selection of the ideal material. You may choose materials such as wood, metal, etc., so that they can complement the interior of your home. You must choose the material carefully since it can impact the durability as well as the appearance of the drawers.

  • Deciding on finishes

While customizing your Tallboy chest of drawers, you should definitely focus on its finish. These drawers may come in a diverse range of finishes such as paint, stain, varnish, and many more. You may choose the finish so that your set of drawers will perfectly fit the interior décor of your home. It may come as a surprise to you that the top finish of a cheap tallboy chest of drawers can make them appear classy.

3. DIY Customization Ideas

  • Painting or staining the exterior

While customizing your tallboy chest, one of the most common yet trendy DIY customization ideas is related to the color of the exterior. You may choose to paint the exterior by choosing the right shade. If you are not keen on painting, you have the option to stain the exterior of the drawers. By choosing a quality stain, you can protect your tallboy chest of drawers from moisture penetration.

  • Adding decorative hardware

If you wish to add your personal touch to your solid wood tallboy chest of drawers, you can include decorative hardware. The best part is you can choose from a broad range of items, such as knobs, handles, or pulls. However, while making the customization, you have to ensure that the functionality of the drawers is not compromised in any way.

  • Applying wallpaper or contact paper to drawer fronts

A great way of customizing your tallboy chest involves the use of wallpaper. The fact that you can select from a wide range of options makes it extremely exciting. If you do not want to use wallpaper, you can apply contact paper to the drawer fronts to give them a distinctive look. You can add a personal touch to your tallboy chest by being your creative self.

  • Stenciling or hand-painting designs

If you want to showcase your craftsmanship, you can adopt the stenciling approach and create unique designs. You will be able to develop diverse patterns that can enhance the attractiveness of the drawers. You can even personalize the drawers by creating hand-painting designs. Otherwise, you may draw different types of designs that you like.

  • Adding embellishments like trim or molding

You can add embellishments to your tallboy chest of drawers to make them look trendier and more attractive. You can add trims so that the decorative value of the drawers can be enhanced. You may choose to add beads, patches, or other elements to make the set of drawers more visually appealing. Mold embellishments are also perfect options that can help you transform a basic tallboy chest into an attractive room accessory.

  • Installing drawer liners

You can personalize your wide, tallboy chest of drawers by installing drawer liners. The icing on the cake is that they can serve as a protective tool for your drawers. By using these liners, you can prevent your tallboy chest from getting scratched. The best thing is that such liners come in diverse materials like vinyl, rubber, and foam.

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4. Personalizing the Interior

  • Organizational inserts

One of the best ways of customizing your tallboy chest is to give a personal touch to the interior component. You can choose from a varying range of organizational inserts, such as drawer dividers, trays, and baskets. You can choose the component that perfectly aligns with your needs.

  • Customized drawer labels or tags

A simple yet fun way of customizing your narrow tallboy chest drawers is to use drawer labels or tags. These additions can make the drawers look more fun and interesting. The icing on the cake is that you can be as creative as possible while using such labels.

  • Scented sachets or drawer liners

You can add scented sachets to your drawers so that there will be no risk of any foul odor. You can try out different fragrance options, such as lavender, rose, etc., depending on your preferences. Apart from trying out different fragrance sachets you can add drawer liners that can ward away dust and dirt.

5. Incorporating Functional Features

  • Installing additional shelves or racks

If you want to customize your tallboy chest drawers while increasing their functionality, you can install extra shelves or racks. Remember to focus on your storage needs while choosing the dimensions. This simple approach can enhance its utility while incorporating your personal touch.

  • Adding a mirror to the top surface

An interesting customization option involves the addition of mirrors on the top surface. This feature can enhance the artistic look of the drawer. You can get bohemian vibes by personalizing your drawers in this way.

  • Retrofitting with soft-close drawer slides

You can make changes to the fitting by using soft-close drawer slides. By adding soft-close mechanisms, you can add a retrofitting feel to your tallboy chest. It is a simple yet effective DIY option that can ensure smooth closure of the drawers.

  • Installing a hidden compartment or locking mechanism

Today, many people are personalizing their slim, tallboy chest of drawers by including a hidden compartment. You can install such a compartment to keep valuables. If you are not keen on adding such a unit, you can introduce a locking mechanism that can ensure the safety of your belongings.

6. Showcasing Your Personal Style

  • Displaying decorative items on top of the tallboy

You can personalize your tallboy chest by placing your own decorative items on the top section of the chest. It can act as a perfect display platform where you can place things that you like. Customizing the chest in this way ensures that its functionality is enhanced to the fullest.

  • Hanging artwork or mirrors above

If you want to show off any artwork or other attractive elements, you can add to your tallboy chest. These elements can take the charm of your tallboy chest to the next level.

  • Incorporating complementary furniture and decor pieces

By adding complementary furniture and other decor pieces, you can ensure that the interior décor is perfectly balanced. You can add elements that match the look of your tallboy chest so that the appearance of your space can be enhanced.

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7. Tips for a Cohesive Look

  • Maintaining consistency with existing furniture and decor

While customizing your tallboy chest drawers, you must take into account the style of other décor items. By matching the customization decisions with the decor, you can ensure that there is consistency in style and appearance.

  • Balancing color and texture

While customizing your tallboy chest, it is important to strike a balance between the color and texture aspects. It can ensure that the set of drawers does not seem out of place, and they enhance the look of your home.

  • Mixing patterns and finishes strategically

You need to be strategic while customizing your tallboy chest of drawers so that the desired elements can be incorporated perfectly. You have to pay special attention to mixing and matching the chosen patterns and finishes. Smart and careful selection can enhance the charm of your tallboy chest while ensuring its functional utility.

8. Before and After Showcase

  • Real-life examples of customized tallboy chests of drawers

If you are unable to think of any customization ideas, you can go online and explore real-life examples of customized tallboy chests of drawers. You can choose from a plethora of styling and customization options.

  • Before and after photos to illustrate the transformation

While customizing your tallboy chest, you must keep a tab on the transition process. You need to take before and after photos so that you can observe how the look of your drawers is changing.

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You can transform your basic storage design into a fun and funky one by customizing your tallboy chest of drawers. The best thing is that you can release the creative person in you to give a distinctive personality to your tallboy chest. Through customization and personalization of these drawers, you can ensure that your tallboy chest of drawers highlights your styling talent. The tallboy furniture in nz can act as the perfect store management tool that can enhance the beauty of your home while facilitating optimum space management.


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